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Boen Actiflex Dance & Fitness Flooring

Find your rhythm with Boen Actiflex dance floors, precision engineered for superior performance at every level. With installations around the UK, Boen Sports is the market leader and preferred partner for wooden dance floors at facilities including top health and fitness chains, independent gyms and professional dance studios

As your local Boen approved installer and importer, Salisbury Hardwood Flooring provides easy access to a range of cutting edge sprung sports flooring solutions. Designed especially for fitness clubs, the Boen Actiflex Fitness Floor pulls double duty as a durable sports floor and high performance dance floor. Approved to the European NORM EN14904 standard for sports flooring, the Actiflex Fitness Floor offers all the benefits of sophisticated sports flooring with all the finesse of real wood dance floors, at a cost-effective price point.


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Boen Flooring ActiFlex Stadium

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We stock a range of specialist sports flooring solutions including Boen real wood fitness and dance floors. Do you have a upcoming project which requires the installation of a new Dance Floor, or are you looking to revamp your existing flooring? Why not call us on 01722 238 057 or request a callback and have a chat with our Dance Floor specialists.

Let us help you create the perfect dance studio!

Types of Sports Flooring

High Performance Sprung Wood Sports Floors

Select the highest quality wooden sports floors with confidence – from sourcing, supply and installation to ongoing maintenance, Salisbury Hardwood Flooring prioritises value for money, superb choice and exacting performance. We stock a range of recognised fitness flooring and wooden dance floor brands, delivering stunning sports floors of outstanding excellence every time.

Our service commitment includes:

Standard Testing: We test each fitness and dance floor product to ensure compliance with national and international standards.

Safety Conscious: Shock absorbent surface flooring as standard helps to minimise impact and risk of injury for children and professionals.

Competitive Pricing: We check local and national competitors to ensure we offer the best possible value for money. Quality assurance means Salisbury supplied solutions also benefit from a long lifespan, helping to secure a positive return on investment.

Function: We understand your fitness flooring must be flexible and functional and adaptable for multi-use. Wooden dance and fitness flooring products can be used with new and existing under floor heating systems.

Care and Maintenance: Choose from a selection of care and maintenance solutions, suitable for clubs and studios of all sizes.

Environment: We know that sustainability is important to many of our clients and only supply products that support sustainable and environmental initiatives as part of the manufacturing process.

Specialist Help and Advice

Our consultants have a lifetime of experience. . .

Salisbury Hardwood Flooring offers tailored help and advice on every aspect of the design, installation and maintenance of your new dance fitness floor. With decades of experience providing quality flooring, we’ll help you select the most suitable dance or gym wooden flooring system considering needs such as the type of sport or dance to be performed, site conditions, size of facility and frequency and intensity of floor useage.

Working from your initial requirements we offer:

  • Optimised Project Planning
  • Qualified Specialist Installation
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Advice

Ballet Dancers on Real Wood Floor

An Engineered Hardwood Floor

Engineered to world class standards, Boen Actiflex Fitness and Dance flooring features Boen’s patented X-Press 5G vertical locking system. A perfect choice for renovations and new projects alike, the Boen Actiflex floor for fitness and dance has a super low 28mm profile. It can be installed directly over concrete or an existing floor with a resilient foam underlay offering increased elasticity and optimum energy absorption.

The middle and bottom layers of the floor are made from a spruce softwood with an engineered hardwood construction for flexibility. This almost totally eliminates many of the common problems of hardwood floors such as cracking, swelling, shrinking and gaping. Boen Actiflex engineered fitness floors must be installed on an even sub-floor with the slab level to DIN 18202:1997-04 requirements.

How the Floor is Built

Quality Guaranteed

BOEN UK LTD GUARANTEES its Boen flooring system in respect of faulty materials and workmanship from normal use within 25 years from date of installation. The Company also guarantees that the product will comply with its technical specification at the time of delivery and that Boen flooring has sufficient strength and durability to sustain normal loads and traffic for a period of 25 years from the date of installation.

In the event that the Boen flooring system proves defective in materials or workmanship, the Company shall, without expense to the customer, repair such defects that existed at the date of delivery or that arouse during the period of the guarantee. Such rectification shall be made by repairing the existing flooring or by the supply of new materials to the same or similar specification as the original at the discretion of the company Conditions on demand.