Improve the Performance Surface with Boen Dance Floors by Salisbury Hardwood Flooring

Do you own a dance company or studio? Perhaps you work inside a venue that hosts dance classes and events, but lacks the right type of flooring?

Whatever your situation or requirements when it comes to dance flooring, Boen Dance Floors fitted by Salisbury Hardwood Flooring won’t disappoint.

We install Boen Dance Floors throughout the United Kingdom, Boen are the market leader and stand above other companies in the engineered sports flooring market.

What is Dance Flooring?

Dance flooring is specially crafted to improve overall performance for ballet dancers, hip hop and street dancers, ballroom dancers, tap dancers, modern dancers and jazz dancers. It is designed to reduce injuries for the performers through improving surface grip.

It’s worth exploring your options when buying dance flooring from Salisbury Hardwood Flooring because there are plenty of options on the market. Three popular options include:

  • Sprung Flooring – Suitable for both sport and dance, sprung flooring is slightly softer, so slips and falls don’t hurt as much.
  • Illuminated Dance Flooring - The illuminated panels on this flooring will highlight each dancer, thus making the performance look all the more impressive.
  • Portable Dance Floor - If you perform at various locations, opt for a portable dance floor. This mobile option can be taken with you on the move.

Whatever you requirements you can always speak to one of our advisors to ensure we provide the best solution for your requirements.

What Makes Boen Dance Floors Different?

Cost-effective, the selection of wooden dance floors sold through Salisbury Hardwood Flooring are high quality and will stand the test of time. So popular are our products that we install more than 20,000 M2 of flooring annually. The team working at our approved importer and installer company can help you choose a type of flooring and get it installed for you. Spelthome Gymnastics in Slough and PPA in Guildford are two examples of our that have Boen Floors. It’s not just health and fitness organisations that rely on this flooring though but also, independent dance companies.