Now Offering Boen Boflex

We’re delighted to confirm that we now offer the new Boflex Olympia sprung sports floor from Boen, the world’s leading sports floor manufacturer and supplier.

The innovative new patented technology is the first of its kind to use a floating system, allowing it to perform at a premium level that no other sports floor on the market is capable of.

Boflex is constructed using a three layered system, each contributing to the impressive performance capabilities. The 5.5mm top layer offers exceptional durability and shock absorption capacity while the inclusion of a balanced softwood middle layer set at a right angle to the top layer offers incredible stability, support and the strength to endure unlimited loads. The system rests on a soft underwood layer, completing the ingenious engineered design and making it a truly state of the art product.

With a recorded shock absorption level of 60%, 2.9mm deformation and 97% ball bounce, Boen Boflex flooring is an unquestionable industry leader and ready to perform where it matters the most.

The complete system measures in at a height of just 30mm, making it an extremely unimposing addition to existing flooring. The floating installation method means it can be easily constructed straight over the top of any prevailing surface and also allows for the installation of underfloor heating which is not possible with other solid floors.

As well as being a premium providers of sports flooring, Boen are also an eco-minded company, ensuring all its products are produced using responsible foresting techniques. Boen are also active participants in developing reforestation programs, encouraging sustainable harvesting and protecting endangered tree species. Here at Salisbury Hardwood Flooring this is extremely important to us as we are dedicated to making sure all our products are environmentally friendly.

Boen are so confident in the quality of its products that it offers a 25 year warranty on strength, durability and ability to withstand the intended usage. This makes Boflex flooring a 100% safe investment for any sports centre of multipurpose facility wanting to ensure they pay for a product that is going to go the distance.

We have a specialist team of experts on call to help you with any questions or queries you may have in regards to installing a sprung sports floor.

The revolutionary new Boen Boflex Olympia flooring is available now from our website. Visit our sports floors page to get more information and find out how we can help you with all your flooring needs!