Bona Deep Clean System


Wooden floors are exposed to everyday wear and tear, leading to tired and dull surfaces. Heavy foot traffic, excessive grit and stains all affect the condition of your floor as well as the appearance and freshness of your premises.

Salisbury Hardwood Flooring’s Bona Deep Clean service can restore your wood floor to its former glory, by combining the Bona PowerScrubber machine with a industrial strength cleaning solution to give an incredible clean, cleaning deep into the floor surface to remove the toughest dirt, grime and even scuff marks.

The cleaning solution has been specially formulated to clean wooden floors whilst being child and pet safe immediatly after the clean.

We can clean an area of 5002 ft in just under an hour, furniture can be replaced immediatly after the service or cleaned around. As it takes only one hours to do service such a large area you would not have to close your commerical property and can even have the work done over a lunch hour.


Without downtime

The unique Bona Deep Clean Service can be done without the need to close your commerical property as you are assured of a safe indoor environment (even for children and pets). Depending on the project area you will see stunning results in just an hour.

Effective and safe on wood

Many floor owners go to the effort of a traditional full renovation to revive and restore their floors. The all-new Bona Deep Clean Service is a fast, easy and incredibly effective way of reviving wooden floors, all work is carried out by our highly skilled craftsman.

Passion for wooden floors

Established in 1919, Bona have always had the mission of bringing out the best in hardwood floors, throughout its entire lifetime. Bona are a world leading innovator with their unique Deep Clean System leading the way, they have a presence in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Bona Oils

Bona oils (45 and 90) for unfinished or sanded floors are based on natural oils from the pine tree.  They are easy to apply, give a perfect natural coloration and emit a low non-offensive odour.

Bona Polish

Two new polyurethane-reinforced (providing scuff / scratch resistance and longer lifetime) formulations delivering a durable surface, with a choice of Gloss or Matt finish, for sealed wooden floors.

Bona Freshen Up

Bona Freshen Up is a wax free  polyurethane based wood floor refresher for lacquered finishes, it is slip resistant and brings back to life scratched and dull surfaces whilst  providing continued protection against wear.