Real Wood, Sprung Dance Floors

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Real Wood, Sprung Dance Flooring

If you are designing, developing, refurbing or specifying a dance or fitness studio, you need Salisbury Contract Flooring real wood sprung dance floors, precision engineered for superior performance at every level.

As a leader in this specialist field, our contract dance and fitness flooring solutions are the recognised market leader. Our experienced team and superior specialist product range makes Salisbury Contract Flooring the preferred partner for wooden dance floors at a number of prestigious facilities, including several top health and fitness chains, independent gyms and professional dance studios.

If you’re working on a fitness club or gymnasium development, Salisbury Contract Flooring provides easy access to a range of cutting edge, high-performance sprung sports flooring solutions. Our specialist sprung sports floors are carefully chosen and approved to the European NORM EN14904 standard for sports flooring.

Durable and high performance, while remaining cost effective and stylishly finished, Salisbury Contract Flooring sprung sports flooring is also ultra-versatile – it’s suitable for use as a fitness floor and a dance floor, without compromising on performance in any quarter.

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Having had many years experience in supplying sports floors, Havsport remain totally convinced of the benefits of playing on an area elastic solid wood surface. But equally are aware of the stability, environmental and cost-efficiency arguments being made for engineered wood sports floors. Havsport are now able to offer a cost-effective new system which utilises solid wood, is exceptionally stable and even offers the option of excellent planks from a fast-growing sustainable plantation timber.

We stock a carefully selected range of specialist real wood sprung fitness and dance floors.

If you’re working on a dance, fitness or leisure development project, call us to find out more about our high-performance dance and fitness contract flooring range.

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