Hardwood Flooring

Durable, Practical, Warm & Inviting


Hardwood, Engineered wood and Real wood floors have been Salisbury Contract Floorings’ passion for more than 20 years. Having worked with all varieties of wood flooring over many years we know and understand wood. Our extensive experience and training has taught us the best type of wood flooring for any situation.

We understand that whether you are designing an office, commercial property or a living space, your wood flooring must be practical, durable and robust. It must also work with your design aesthetic, have a long life and ensure low maintenance cost. All of our wood flooring comes from suppliers who are Rainforest alliance certified wood suppliers, meaning they responsibly source wood and user environmentally friendly treatment methods as well as actively engage in schemes to replace the trees removed when sourcing the wood.

Engineered timber wood flooring is now globally the most popular form of wood flooring, as a result the advances in Engineered timber wood flooring technology has allowed for significantly wider boards and a vast range of finishes.

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We stock a carefully selected range of specialist Hard, Real and Engineered wood flooring.

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